Search the Pacifastacus trowbridgii

This time go to Etanbetsu area. here is in Asahikawa city. And search the Pacifastacus trowbriggii. It's crayfish. He is a alian spcise. It's keep go out the Native species. No more they reduce the spread of. and ... Not keep take out ! If take out they other to river spread. Go to the "Robets river" and "Etanbets river". Use too the vehicle.
Okay ! Let's go field walk now.

Wow ! This size is big.
Crayfise size is big. and... blue coler hand. Look like a strong body.

It's come from USA for culture. He is escape to other river. They live in the USA originally. This crayfish feature is a blue color pattern hand. and... behinde side red color. By the way this crayfish is good cooked. it's yummy. Use French cooked. I thin so tast one time !

Dare... Massive plan do capture they. and ... plan do food tasting. What do you think?

Upstream to downstream
Where live in they? I dont know. but go to walk place river. and ... Myself use eye see chack very important. Overgrow many grass walk to the place. But this plase good location. Meet the sometime of illegal dumping not good. and ... Be surprised. Noting moral, and while leaving. I think so want to do something. Because good place.

River water is very cline. I saw swim little fish. I want to visit again and again.
See you next time again ! !

Please send mail.
I look forward to. Thank you.