Walk in winter Tomisawa forest load.

Have many nature Tomisawa town. Place in Asahikawa city. Can move on snow load in Tomisawa. But i shooting do not meet other vehicle. This place is deep forest. And silent. All wihte world. It's wondeful. So you can play drop snow from tree branch.

Have a many kind of art.
You can meet many maked a art of nature.

Freez creek load side. Find in crystal? Surprised mysterious scene. All closed world by ice and snow. Temperature and>humidity by freez snow and ice is we enjoy many kind of try. Maybe this is to nature session. Vrey interesting drop snow from tree branch. Nice scene is bg snow drop down. This time is dynamic.

All wihte walk here. What come sound me? This is be heard special sound.

Silent in move.
Can't move in freez. But move down here river water. Not all freez water. Under ice flow water. Sometime can see water is very nice ! I think so fell strong power of water.

Sometime slowly flow. But Tomisawa is very nice place.
See you next time again ! !

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I look forward to. Thank you.