Have bloom many flower
Central Jr Hokkaido Asahikawa station do around development. Say name area 'Kitasaito'. Concrrent with Rever Chubetst and rail road 'Hakodate main rail' and 'Soya main rail','Furano rail'. Cental area to vertical to extend have a 'Kaimono park'. This street was first open in Japan only walk people road. And this street forever only for walk now too. This way was have a many shop and deperment store.

Plants tree Nice view Kitasaito Garden Pre open in 8 Septmber 2013 on east concouse by JR Hokkaido Asahikawa station. Went to watch garden feel nothng plants plawer still. So many not plants. But come soon most plants a lot of flower. And maybe build up down land this plase to after to most build 3D style good garden. This garden new open have a Terrace on warm sun shine can stay and enjoy. Please let's go to nice garden.


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