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Mushroom hunting of final 2010
2010 go to mushroom hunting final with Dr. Sato. After wait spring 2011. Want keep more observation.

Site is fall down snow. We think so noting maybe mushrooms. But diferent ! Many harvest day. Surpris happen this year. And just open town festival of Kamikawa. With plan show on mushroom in festival showroom. Be worrie nothing mushroom. But we get many mushrooms to happy. And many find new no name mushroom. It's interesting mushrooms hunting. See you next year hunting movie.!

Look like a poison "Amanita muscaria" is can eat "Amanita hemibapha".

Mushroom Dr. Sato

Part 1 Shoot : 2010.Oct30th

Part 2

Musrroom? We think soon poison. And think too "Can eat?" "Can't eat?", but other mearn in Mushroom. More mean have mushroom. It's interesting this story. I think so. I with walk mushroom clun's Kamikawa from 2005. I can saw many mushroom in forest. It's very interesting. I want with walk you. If you want contactt us to Dr. Sato send mail staff please. (Dr. Sato is can't speak english) E-mail : eng@bear-mag.com