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2011 first mushroom hunting
2011 starting hunt. We with to go mushroom dr sato. and went to go Kamikawa town.

What kind of mushrooms find today's trip. So first went to go Koshiji shcool vacnt lot. and next went to go deep forest. This place in find many kind of mushrooms. We glad.
See you next year hunting movie.!

Look like a poison "Amanita muscaria" is can eat "Amanita hemibapha".

Shoot : 2011.May.7th

Mushroom Dr. Sato

Musrroom? We think soon poison. And think too "Can eat?" "Can't eat?", but other mearn in Mushroom. More mean have mushroom. It's interesting this story. I think so. I with walk mushroom clun's Kamikawa from 2005. I can saw many mushroom in forest. It's very interesting. I want with walk you. If you want contactt us to Dr. Sato send mail staff please. (Dr. Sato is can't speak english) E-mail : eng@bear-mag.com