Forget Japan culture Japanese too now Jpanese people.
Wow! Fresh something? just think like a japanese. Daringly say 'a like' mean think if not accurate infomation japanese. But What a accurate japanese culture? , and When age say accurate or true japan? Age Edo? or Syowa? No! no! Maybe can say all age now too, We think so.
Differint think some people. But think maybe this is japanese! Maybe few different japanese coz Yes japanes to We say named 'like a Japanese'. Let's enjoy neo Japanese!

Like a japanese think soon say Sake(Alcohol)., but have a many kind of drink type, Hot, Cold, etc. and how to many drink by brand. Well Sake's image was 'Tokkuri'(Bottle) and 'Ochoko'(Cup).

Tokkuri was for only hot drink Sake bottle.

Japanese for Sake's Snack name was say 'Sakana'. This Sakana named same say fish. But Differnt Kanji and mearn. For fishi Sakana was only Fish. But say Sake's Sakana was all Snack mean. And How enjoy eat Sakana was little by litte enjoy slowly with drink Sake. This for drink sake's fashion. and typical Sakana was 'Sashimi'(raw fish meat). But Japanese Sakana was many kind of how cook. baked, fly, boil, steam, and raw and pikle.
Maked use rece of Hokkaido Sake made by Takasago.
Named Kokushi muso.

Sake maker brewing Takasago of Asahikawa was use Ice dome inside maked Sake. It's feature of northland. Dry taste this Sake please you try and enjoy!

Have many Sake maker brewing in Asahikawa. So Otokoyama and Taisetsu no Kura. You can try many kind of flavor. So enjoy people was Beer or Low malt-beer or Wiskey's soda, not only Sake drink japanese people.
But Think so like a Japanese was much to Sake and much to Sakana by Japanese. Maybe you can feel Japanese and fun!!
to Takasago Sake maker brewing site.

Natto rice

Rice of Staple food. But not only rice of staple food modern japanese, by come other foods. For example eat Bread or Pasta and other. Maybe that food by chenage to japanese people body style. But this rice was have can many conbination with side dish and good taste. 'Natto' was characteritic foods for japanese people. It's was fermentation of Soy bearns, eat to good taste for usual people, and better interestinal regulation.Soy sauce
And need for table was
'Soy sauce' of seasoning. Of course put on 'Natto', almighty use for foods. This brown color was not only salty, in fact have condensation flavor compornent.

Still have good taste conbiation of rice, for exsample apart was side dish, enjoy how eat only rice use 'Furikake' (Topping) was popular goods, by granule, It was have many kind of type, taste was Salmon, Bonito, Egg and Laver, Sesame and Salt such us can choice use match of preference.
And more simple with food was
'Laver'. It's Laver was have with taste or no taste. Te letter was put soy sauce with roll rice to eat good.
And meal after was drink
'Japanese tea'. It's kind of 'Green tea'(Green color) or 'Hojicha'(Brown color), Your choice taste. Finish meal after pour in rice cup case for dish-washing part people. So it's consideration.
Japanese Green tea
Use 'Kyusu'(Teapot) pour was enjoy like a Japanese style. And stund leaf of tea was say sign of good luck. So say 'Cha bashira'.

Well We making next Like a japanese feel report. come soon please few wait!!

Keep Report continue! 'Enjoy true Asahikawa''s Series. Enjoy more! I think so more understund maybe enjoy Asahiakwa. Have a mnay contents in Asahikawa. But not know this many contents. Becaouse very interesting convey infomation.