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Maked story to started my job. But got the movie's camera to after keep shooting. I maked many documentary movie. I like chace nature and trip and foods and other. I'm live in a Hokkaido Japan. I have a on web TV site. Name is Bear's magazine. This site is use english and japanese language both.
My shooting and edit style is original makeing. This style is near nature. I think so everyday. I want show you my style movie. Thank you.

Bear's magazint for EnglishF
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facebook: JUN FUJINAGA

Profile Work Discography Original Call me +81-90-8271-084

Have a one more face. It's a Aqualist.
Started about 28 year old ago hobby aquarium. This style only Dutch aquarium. It's main is growing Aqua plants and special layout, look like a garden. This style keep build now too. This Dutch style since about 150 year's ago by Holland people and to be transmitted Eorop. This basics build method is low front to be hight back layout and potting a lot of type aqua plants. So build like a ground garden. This Hobby get rilux by inner nature and under water. Phone +81-90-8271-0847

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