Videographer JUN FUJINAGA
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Jun Fujinaga
Bore1958 Live in Asahikawa Hokkaido JAPAN.
Work in printing company about 15 year, to be independence Sep. 2002.
Build on web 1996 BEAR'S BOOKS and started write essey and nobel etc on this web site. To next build BEAR'S MAGAZINE too.
I to be quit company and started business own.
2004 buy stared Magazine of by CD-ROM, sycle one month, named BEAR'S MAGAZINE. And keep buy about 4 year. It's a main contents by video. And to next change to be on web TV broad cast. Sure named same BEAR'S MAGAZINE. This age maked video too. So not only Web TV program. I started camera shooting too.
My spesiality field thema is Nature and i'm a naturalist too, walk into many nature. I find some documentary every day.
Just now working with dear frend and affiliation he's company.


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